Relief Staff

Schrole Coverschrole

Ellen Stirling Primary School uses Schrole Cover when booking relief Teachers and Education Assistants. If you would like to undertake relief work at Ellen Stirling Primary School, please download the Schrole Cover App and register following the recommended steps.  Once registered, you can search for Ellen Stirling Primary School and send a digital request to join our relief list. Please note that new relief staff WILL NOT be added to our list until we have received copies of the following documents on Schrole.

  • Current Working With Children Check Card
  • TRBWA Registration details and expiry dates
  • DoE Screening Number
  • Current CV and/or Cover Letter with all contact and banking details 


DoE Casual Staff Seeker

During Term 3, Ellen Stirling PS will commence using the DoE Casual Staff Seeker Tool, to fill casual teaching jobs. For a short time, we will use both Schrole and Casual Seeker, until we can be sure Casual Seeker will sufficiently fill our daily casual jobs. 

What does this mean for casual teachers who work at ESPS?  All relief or casual teachers need to apply to the Casual Teacher pool, via Jobs on Line. You will need to load all your credentials. Once approved by DoE, you will able to work at our school.

Casual Staff Seeker will allow schools to send booking requests to several available teachers at once, online or through SMS.   

Schools will also be able to view teacher’s CV, work history and references before making contact with them; and can create custom lists so that they can find the right teacher quickly. In addition, because Casual Staff Seeker is in HRMIS, payments are easy to make and track.   

How can you access it?  Casual teachers can now apply to the Casual Teacher pool on JobsWA.

When do casual staff need to do it?  Now, ready for Term 3.