We are looking forward to collaborating with you as we help your child to achieve and enjoy their year in Kindergarten.

In Kindergarten our main focus goes beyond just academic or cognitive and language skills. Your child’s social, emotional, creative and physical development is also an important part of our program. We use a range of activities and strategies that allow children to share their knowledge in a way that is meaningful to them, as well as encourage such qualities as, independence, observation and risk taking.

You are an important part of your child’s Kindergarten experience and we love having you visit our classroom. A cup of tea or coffee and an informal conversation is always available. If you wish to formally discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have, please  make an appointment, so that we can give you appropriate attention.

Kind Regards,

The Ellen Stirling Kindergarten Staff

Session Times

Monday, Tuesday, 8:45 am – 2:50 pm

Thursday, Friday,   8:45 am – 2:50 pm

Wednesday (Early Close) 8:45 am – 2:30 pm

Children in Kindergarten attend two full days every week and a third day every fortnight.

Kindergarten 1 and 3 attend Monday and Thursday, Wednesday (odd weeks only)

Kindergarten 2 and 4 attend Tuesday and Friday Wednesday (even weeks only)

Kindergarten is a non compulsory year of school but once you child is enrolled their attendance is required. Your child’s attendance is recorded on the school’s attendance system. The Department of Education Management of Non Attendance Policy requires schools to ‘investigate an attendance record of less than 90% over a term.’

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

You and your child are welcome to come into the classroom at 8:30 am. Please stay, and help your child to prepare for the day. Assisting your child to engage in an activity with you and their peers before it is time to leave at 8:45 am, will greatly reduce any separation anxiety they may feel.

The Education Department requires that we have written documentation of the whereabouts of your child throughout the school day. If your child is late to arrive at school you need to take your child to the office and complete a ‘late note’ before you bring them to the classroom.

If you need to take your child away from school during the school day, visit the office to complete a sign out form before coming to the classroom. Give the completed sign out form to the teacher when you come to collect your child.

If you return to school during the same day, i.e. your child is away from school for a couple of hours and then returns, you will need to go to the  office to complete a sign in form before you return your child to the classroom. Please accompany your child back to the classroom and hand the completed sign in form to the teacher.

All children in the Early Childhood Learning Block are only dismissed when their carer is available to escort them home. If you are late to pick up your child they will be taken to the office and we will call you to ensure that nothing untoward has occurred. The Early Childhood Staff require written notification if another adult is taking your child home or if they are attending after school care. A class communication book is located in the classroom for you to provide us with this written

Daily Kindergarten Preparation 

Your child needs to bring the following to school each day:

  • A labelled backpack (big enough to carry A3 work and library books)
  • A labelled take home bag
  • A labelled school hat (navy, with a broad brim)
  • One piece of fruit or a vegetable
  • Lunch (a ‘no waste’ lunch every Wednesday)
  • A labelled drink bottle filled with water
  • A labelled set of spare clothes in a plastic bag