Parent Information


Assemblies are on a fortnightly rotation and you will be notified if your child is participating or receiving an award. The Kindergarten students do not participate or attend the whole school assemblies unless it is a special occasion.


Newsletters are produced every fortnight. You will receive your newsletter through our School Communication App or you can download a copy.

Laundry Roster

Throughout the year we appreciate your help in ensuring that your child has clean towels and paint smocks to use at Kindergarten. We  run a rotating Laundry Roster, where each child takes  responsibility for the laundry approximately once a year.

We ask that you take the laundry at the end of the week and return it to school when your child attends at the beginning of the week. Hence laundry received on a Thursday will be returned on a Monday and laundry received on a Friday will be returned on a Tuesday.

Family Help Roster

Our Family Help Roster starts Week One Term Two to provide your child with the best possible opportunity to transition well into their Kindergarten classroom. We endeavour to be as flexible as possible in an attempt to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Please note that although family and friends (who are not the parent or guardian of the child) are all welcome as our Family Help, they must have a Working With Children Check to be part of our classroom.

Please ask at your local Post Office if you need more information about obtaining a Working With Children Check.

Before you come to the classroom on your organised Family Help day you are required to visit the office and collect your visitor’s pass.


Once a week the Kindergarten students go to the library to engage in an activity with our librarian. The Kindergarten students also get an opportunity to borrow a book. Reminders about when your child’s book is due back at school are placed on the noticeboard. Please be aware that lost or damaged books are the responsibility of the borrower, and this could mean that you will be charged to repair or replace a book.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club order forms will be given to your child periodically.

If your child would like to purchase something. Complete the order form with money and return to the classroom teacher.


You child will produce a large amount of artwork as part of the Kindergarten program. Please be aware that some pieces of art that your child will bring home may contain small pieces that could fall off and be dangerous to younger siblings. You may like to purchase an A3 display book to keep at home, so that you can effectively and safely store the large number of artworks.

Parents and Citizens

You are invited to attend the Ellen Stirling Parent and Citizens meetings. The Parent and Citizens committee place an invitation to the upcoming meeting on our classroom noticeboards. The Parent and Citizens committee are also responsible for a number of fundraisers throughout the year.

Book Covering

Our librarian does a wonderful job of ensuring that the children at this school have access to a wide variety of books. However, all books purchased need to be covered in protective coverings before the children can borrow them. If you would like to help with this process you can speak with your classroom teacher or to our school librarian. Your help is very much appreciated as the greater number of volunteers we have, the sooner the children can access the new resources.

Canteen Helpers

Our canteen provides a range of convenient healthy food for your child to purchase. School canteens are not run by school administration but by the Parent and Citizens committee. Hence the sustainability and increasing of our canteen service is dependent upon parent volunteers. The canteen is frequently seeking volunteers and would be very grateful for any small or large amount of time you could donate to helping with its maintenance.


Ellen Stirling Primary School uses CONNECT as a handy platform for parents to keep in touch with their child’s teacher, and as a portal for sharing information between the classroom and home.

Click here to access the Parent Guide to using CONNECT. Guide for Parents 2017

Click here to access info about the CONNECT Now App. CONNECT Now_App

Click here to access the CONNECT registration form. Parent Connect permission pdf